maandag 3 oktober 2011


You can use these booklets as a frame and half quick page over the papers of your own choice, but these booklets are more than just quick pages: you can also resize them and use them as part of your layout. 4 pages in size just under 12x12". Perfect on white too!

It's great to know that you always have enough possibilities to frame your photo's in different ways. With this collection of paper frames you add 32 new possibilities! Use them separately, or mix them all in one page. Hand drawn doodled frames and crinkled pieces of paper were used for this set that can be used with all kinds of kits, papers, and elements. Use the paper frames as unexpected elements, combine them with a theme, a season, an emotion. Just for a fine price that you can always expect from the 'Eye Love You' products. 

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Brigitte aka Scrappassie zei

Ontzettend leuk zeg! Gewoon jammer dat ik niet meer zoveel tijd heb om te scrappen ;-)